Monday, October 30, 2006

Sunday in Review

Tonight's Three Stars:

1. Milan Hejduk - 2 G, +1, 5 SOG
2. John Michael Liles - 3 A, +1, 22:01 TOI
3. Scott Hannan - 2 A, +1, 21:59 TOI

Game Thoughts:
* Joe Thornton finally gets goal #1 in game #12. Thornton had a 12-game goal-less streak last year and still finished with 29 to go along with his 96 assists. With 14 points in 12 games, he's off to a great start but I expect even better production out of him this year.
* Nabokov picked up the win for San Jose as the rotating goalie-system continues...
* The West is looking like a 10-team race with St. Louis, Chicago, LA, Columbus and Phoenix jockeying for draft position, but it's early and things could change. Calgary is near the bottom of the Conference but I have to think that won't last.
* The Sharks got two more PP goals and now have 21 on the year, clicking at a VERY impressive 28%
* Marty St. Louis scored once again, giving hope to those who think he can once again establish himself as an elite offensive player. In his past three seasons he's put up 33, 38 and 31 goals and he has 7 thus far this year - maybe his skills haven't fallen off dramatically as some people think.
* Colorado looked good as they beat Minnesota - backstopped by Jose Theodore who stopped 20 of 21
* Milan Hejduk scored twice as the Wild lost for just the second time this year
* Gaborik missed yet another game and is still at least a week away from making his return

More Thoughts:
* I still have a hard time believing that Perreault's best offer was with a team at the bottom of the standings. I've never been a fan of his game but the fact remains that the guy is the best in the business when it comes to faceoffs and that is a huge asset in the playoffs. Aside from that he also has 217 career goals and put up 22 goals, 57 points in 69 games last season - he's fourth 20+ goal season in 5 years. I guess Calgary has other plans at center...
* In case you missed it, Ed Belfour was involved in an "incident" at a nightclub on Friday and somehow Alex Auld ended up going to the hospital for stitches:

"The witness who contacted reporters said a belligerent Belfour had to be coaxed out of the bar by teammates.

Auld said he was hurt when they reached the hotel lobby.

"They have the marble floors there, and they're slippery," Belfour said. "We were just horsing around with each other, I dropped my bottle of water and we all slipped. Alex hit his head when we fell down."

Police were called by the hotel and Auld was taken to a nearby hospital for stitches. Police in Garden City said there was no report."

"Hey Alex come here.. I just want to talk.." (Photo from

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