Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Deja Vu for Flyers

I'm far from someone you want to take betting advice from but I must say that I saw this one coming.

Philly looks absolutely shellshocked in this second period - allowing 5 goals thus far.

Bobby Clarke must be questioning the makeup of this team and has got to be looking for help. (Even as I write this Afinogenov just blew past Hatcher to make it 6-0). As mentioned earlier the Flyers have scored 11 goals, now through 5 2/3 games:

Knuble - 3 goals
Gagne - 3 goals
Forsberg - 2 goals
Sanderson - 2 goals
Umberger - 1 goal

The Flyers need help now and I'd suggest getting Mike Barnett on the phone ASAP to see if he's ready to talk about Doan/Nagy/Comrie.

Update: It is now 9-1 Buffalo with 14 minutes to go. Esche has been in for all nine.

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