Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monday in Review

Offensive Player of the NightJustin Williams: 3 G, 1 A, +2

Defensive Player of the NightHenrik Lundqvist: 2 goals on 36 shots (16 by Gionta and Gomez combined)

Consider this my little protest for the switch to "Three Stars" of the Week. Our nightly three stars will return tomorrow.

Game Thoughts
* How did the Cardinals lose that game?!? Yes I know this is a hockey site but come on - a team has a 20 point lead and the ball with seconds to go in the 3rd quarter and they lose to a team whose offense didn't score a TD all game?!
* Rangers bounced back nicely against New Jersey. After their last game I was curious to see how they would respond
* There is no doubt that Shanahan is the Captain of that team
* I've always been a fan of Justin Williams' play and was shocked when Philadelphia traded him for Markov.
* Dunham played very well for the second straight game. I have a feeling Dipietro isn't too worried about his job though. Someone should make a site keeping track of all the Dipietro jokes - I'm thinking at some point over the next 15 years we may run out of new ones.
* Colorado just isn't the same franchise anymore (haven't been for a while actually). If they're not in playoff contention I wonder when the Sakic to Vancouver rumours will start
* Two more points and 8 SOG for Havlat - he really is a treat to watch with the puck (in the regular season)
* Vancouver outplayed and beat Edmonton. Having Luongo in net must be such a relief for Canucks fans after suffering for so long without an elite goaltender
* The Kings stuck with Detroit for a while but in the end the Wings were too strong and Cloutier once again gave up a couple soft goals

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