Monday, October 16, 2006

Question of the Day: When the fire-sale starts in Phoenix, who might be the most eager shoppers?

The Coyotes have 8 UFAs-to-be following this season and five will likely have good to great value as the season progresses. The other three are Roenick, Nolan and Morrison. If the Coyotes play their cards right, the moves they make in the coming months will re-shape the future of this franchise. They have a strong young core of defencemen in Jovanovski, Morris, Boynton, Michalek, Ballard and Seidenberg, a young goalie with potential in LeNeveu and The Great One behind the bench. Here are my picks for potential destinations for the following players (unless they decide to sign extensions in Phoenix)

Shane Doan - Ottawa, Dallas, Buffalo, Detroit (there will no doubt be a bidding war)

Ladislav Nagy - Detroit, Philadelphia (if he can stay healthy)

Mike Comrie - Minnesota, Atlanta

Curtis Joseph - mid-season injury replacement or veteran insurance for a team like Dallas or Minnesota

Mike Ricci - Edmonton, Colorado

Note that these are not based on any inside information or sources, simply my opinion on where these players would fit in well on a short-term basis. What do you think of the current situation in Phoenix and where these players may end up?

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