Tuesday, October 31, 2006

QOTD: Trade Game - What is Gagne worth?

The Question of the Day feature has been on hiatus for a couple of days while I started analyzing the new IIHF study. Today's question is a little late so we'll have two for Tuesday.

When I was young I didn't have the best imagination, although my best friend and I did invent "The Trade Game". How it works is that you each play a GM and orchestrate trades to the best of your abilities based upon your negotiating skills. Today we're going to look at:

Simon Gagne

His name has popped up in a few trade rumors this year and I even heard Forsberg's name mentioned although that will only happen if Philly ends up way out of a playoff spot.

In the comments, you can make me an offer for Gagne. You can be any GM you choose - all that is required is for us to come to terms and complete a trade that will benefit both side.

That said, Simon Gagne is on the block - make me an offer and the best one will be mentioned in a future column. If I had to bet I'd say that Gagne stays - he's too important to that Flyer team and is the only pure goalscorer they have.

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Anonymous said...

How about Conroy and Visnovsky?