Saturday, October 21, 2006

QOTD: Doesn't everyone love twins?

Since mid-last year whenever I watch the Canucks play I am more and more impressed with Daniel and Henrik Sedin. They were drafted #2 (Daniel) and #3 (Henrik) overall in the 1999 draft and at age 26 they are just entering into their prime years.

Daniel has increased his point totals each year since 02-03 (31, 54, 71) and Henrik's have increased all five years he has been in the league (29, 36, 39, 42, 75). After Friday night's games, Henrik has 10 points this year and Daniel has 9. For their careers, that put Henrik one point ahead:

Daniel - 404 GP, 87 G, 231 PTS
Henrik - 407 GP, 62 G, 231 PTS

I think it is amazing that these two have exactly the same amount of career points through 400+ games. They both have great hands and great vision and always know exactly where to find each other on the ice.

This all got me thinking - the NHL has two identical twins who plan on the same time on the same line and are playing extremely well but you never really hear about them. Could you imagine if Tiki and Ronde Barber were both on the same team and played together (say both as receivers)? You would hear more about them then we've heard about Brett Favre's retirement saga over the past couple years. Or imagine if the Yankees had Robinson Cano at second and his twin brother at first! Or if Dirk Nowitzki had an identical twin playing power forward?

I wonder why the league hasn't embraced these two in order to sell the game. My first thought was because they are Swedish and playing in Vancouver, not North American and playing in a major US city, but I don't think that explains it all. As well, they're not like Kovalchuk or Ovechkin - there is nothing flashy about them aside from their moves with the puck and the occasional tape-to-tape blind pass and they aren't brash or outgoing. I do think they are on the cusp of truly becoming stars and when they do I'm sure the league will hop on the marking train.

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