Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rethink Equipment?

In the past few nights we have seen two devastating hits (both clean)
that resulted in two serious concussions - Colby Armstrong on Trevor
Letowski and Robyn Regehr on Aaron Downey.

Looking at how equipment has changed over the years I don't see how
this hasn't contributed to the increase in concussions - both in
number and severity. Shoulder and elbow pads have not only become
much bulkier but the shoulder pads are also often reinforced with a
hard plastic that make clean hits much more dangerous than they used
to be.

The manufacturers are not to blame - it is up to the NHL and the
NHLPA to determine how to best protect their players and police what
is permitted to be used in a game. Let's hope that this is something
that is seriously considered before anyone else is seriously hurt.

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