Saturday, October 14, 2006

Question of the Day: Can Two Teams Survive in Southern California? (Oct 14)

Last year the Kings' attendance averaged 17,840 per game (96.4% capacity) but through three home games they are averaging just 15,559 (84.1%). This is a team with a new coach, new GM and a long-term plan that will likely mean they will not be among the league's elite for a couple years. For a Saturday night game against a strong division rival (Dallas) tonight they were giving away free tickets on myspace.

The Ducks averaged just 15,106 per game last year (88%) and despite their addition of Pronger and the fact that they were picked by most experts to contend for the Cup they are averaging just 14,485 people per game (84.3%) through three games.

Based on these numbers you have to wonder whether two teams can survive long-term in Southern California. Personally I don't think the market is strong enough and the Ducks will be looking to relocate within five years.

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