Friday, November 03, 2006

Tampa Shakeup Coming too?

Quote from Jay Feaster:

"If we don't get things going the way we want them to, then there will have to be changes," he said. "It's because of our position under the salary cap, we are not in a position to go out and say, 'Here is a draft pick,' and get the answers that we think we need. We don't have the room to assimilate it under the cap. So, as a result, it's going to mean salary going out. And it isn't the guy making $500,000 or the guy making $450,000, that doesn't give us enough leeway to do things, either."

It's been well documented that Tampa's payroll is very top-heavy. Almost 60% of the roster makes under $750k.

That leaves:
Richards - $7.8 mil
Lecavalier - $7.166 mil
St. Louis - $6 mil
Boyle - $3.625 mil
Kuba - $3 mil
Denis - $2.8 mil
Prospal - $1.9 mil
Sarich - $1.9 mil
Fedotenko - $1.65 mil

I can't remember a year in recent memory when so many teams may be looking to make a major move - Philadelphia, Ottawa, Tampa Bay, Calgary, New Jersey, Vancouver, Detroit, Phoenix and Chicago may all be looking to deal...

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