Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Coming to Hockeybuzz.com

Thanks to everyone who have been visiting the site - those who have been coming since the beginning and those who've recently discovered it. It's been really fun writing over the past six weeks and I'm amazed at the amount of people from all over the world who have been reading what I have to say.

When I started this site on a Saturday afternoon in October, I wasn't really thinking about anything other than finding a distraction from some work that I had to do. I wasn't even thinking that anybody would want to read it. As you can surely tell I'm not a professional writer by any means, nor do I have any inside sources. But I do love hockey as much (or more) than anyone else and I can talk about hockey pretty much 24/7.

Just this past weekend I got a call from Eklund at hockeybuzz, asking me to start writing for his site. I thought about it for a while because I really do like being able to focus on my own site, even if it gets a tiny fraction of the readers that his site does. In the end I realized that it's an opportunity too good to pass up. It's a chance to reach a much broader audience and be on a site where there is much more interaction with the readers.

What I was hoping to get from you guys are some thoughts on what you like/don't like on this site so I can decide how/what to post on hockeybuzz. E-mail me at dtolensky@hotmail.com if you have any thoughts.

Thanks again for your support, your time and your passion. I'll let you know when my first post is up on the site!


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Anonymous said...

Congrats Danny....if only I'd been home that night and was able to become Daryll #1! Damn my craving for chicken!:o)