Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The GMs are coming...

The General Managers' meeting will take place today at a Toronto Airport Hotel. Among the topics that may be discussed are:

* Scheduling
* Hits to the head
* Low hits
* Guaranteed contracts for GMs

And even more interesting for fans are some of the names that may be discussed:
* Peter Forsberg
* Daniel Alfredsson
* Craig Conroy
* Jarome Iginla
* Shane Doan
* Simon Gagne
* Vincent Lecavalier
* Martin St. Louis
* Evgeni Nabokov
* Ilya Bryzgalov
* Peter Prucha
* Brendan Morrison
* Jozef Stumpel
* Eric Brewer

Keep in mind that it's only early November, so some of these names may come up in discussions but nothing substantial may happen until much later in the year. Of course not all these players will move this year and some of them (especially Iginla and Alfredsson) I doubt are even on the block.

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