Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Canadian teams hit by major injuries..

According to TSN, Mats Sundin will miss 3-4 weeks with a slight ligament tear in his elbow.

The have also reported that Ray Emery suffered a serious wrist inury in practice and may be 'out awhile'.

Also, Tanguay left the game last night with an apparent shoulder injury and as reported yesterday, Chris Higgins will miss 6 weeks with an ankle injury.

I'm not sure whether Tanguay will miss any time but the other three are all huge losses for their respective teams. Sundin is clearly the leader and star of the Leafs. Their scoring depth will really be put to the test while he is gone. Martin Gerber has really struggled in Ottawa and Emery looked like he was going to be the #1 guy. Higgins has been Montreal's best player early in the year.

It will be interesting to see if these injuries trigger any new trade talks. I wouldn't be surprised if Ottawa made a move for a goalie - Garon doesn't make much more than Emery and could be included in the Conroy talks. The Leafs will need help but I doubt a move will be forthcoming. Last year when McCabe went down the team went into a huge slump - how they cope over the next month or so will go a long way toward determining whether they will make the playoffs this year.

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