Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sens-Sabres 3rd Period Live Blog..

This is a little experiment. We'll see how it works out. If you have any comments you can add me on MSN at and I can incorporate your thoughts into my post. Enjoy..

Ottawa is being outshot 18-14 - doesn't seem like a desperate team to me. Here we go..

The Sens need Eaves, Fisher and Schafer to step up. Last year they combined for 62. This year they have just 6.

McGuire thinks this is the most overrated "speed" team in the league. He's right that they can't keep up with the Sabres.

Bryan Murray seems a little worried - I think he told his team that every time they get the puck near the Sabres' net they should all just celebrate as if they scored and maybe the ref will count it.

9-1 and 1-8 - the two teams' records in one-goal games.

Nice save by Emery - he's much more confident than Gerber.

Emmitt Smith wins Dancing with the Stars!! (update from my wife)

Buffalo is amazing offensively but they can also play strong D when needed - Ruff is underrated..

Heatley goes offside at the blueline. In an unrelated story, Hossa leads the league with 30 points.

Sens just missed on a couple opportunities around Biron. Maybe somebody told them that this game was important..

In Tampa, Souray scores his 2nd of the game and 8th of the year, 2-1 Montreal.

Sens on the PP..

Here comes the overrated Joe Corvo. Nothing doing there. Sens having trouble setting up. Hamel is trying to setup in front of the net.. I'd stick Neil in there instead.

Sabres have almost killed it off...

But the Sens SCORE. Meszaros. 2-2. Spezza may have gotten a piece of it but I think that one was going to go in either way.

Now it really gets interesting.

Fisher is stopped on a partial breakaway but the Sens are going back on the PP..

I wonder if anyone is actually reading this. If I'm the Sens I'm VERY weary of allowing another shorthanded goal. I wonder if they remember the Pominville goal?

Enough wondering. Let's check the out of town scores - 1-1 New York-Carolina, 3-2 Nashville, 2-2 Boston-Wash, 2-1 Montreal over TBay and 1-0 NYI over Dallas.

Sens shoot it in and Biron grabs it. Here comes Dutchie to show us Souray's goal. But I told you about that one already.

Spezza's parents are in the crowd. So is one of Melnyk's top guys. Any chance that Pat Quinn is watching this one?

Sabres try to clear and can't. Then they get it back and do. 40 seconds left to kill.

Drury JUST missed the short-side on a short-handed chance. That would have been devastating.

The Sens are so shaken up they get caught with too many men out there. Not the best time for that. Unless you're Ken Hitchcock/Pat Burns.

Briere has been clutch in these situations recently. If the league had a Pat Lafontaine leadership trophy he would have won it for October.

Schaefer tries to actually do something but Biron makes the save.

Apparently the Sens have turned the puck over 17 times tonight. Kings fans are likely thinking most of those were Corvo's.

I'm suprised how much better Vanek is than Zherdev at this point in their careers. 8 minutes to go.

My wife is very glad that Emmitt won - he was the most improved apparently.

SENS SCORE!!! Alfredsson!!

I think it was tipped by Schaefer. Shades of Brett Hull from the World Cup.

It was close but I don't think this one will be waved off.

Carolina goes up 2-1 on a goal by Brind'Amour.

GOAL. Sens take the lead.

Now let's see if the comeback kids can pull off another one.

Elsewhere, Columbus is actually scoring goals but can't seem to stop them tonight - 5-4 Nashville.

Another penalty coming up for Buffalo. The Sens are actually outskating them and winning most of the battles.

Hamel is getting a lot of PP time in the 3rd as Murray desperately tries to find something that works.

You can tell the Sabres are cheating a bit hoping for a shorthanded break.

Sabres kill it off. Four minutes to go.

Carolina holds on to beat the Rangers 2-1.

Card and Peters have each only played about a minute tonight.

Emery comes up huge off the faceoff. I have a feeling he'll be tested quite a bit over these last 3 minutes.

Ottawa has lost three games already in November where they had the lead late.

The Sabres are coming on but Ottawa is playing well in their own end.

Mair is so great on the forecheck. He never stops hitting.

2 minutes to go. Spezza sticks out the leg and is going to the box.

Sens want a diving call but that was a legit penalty.

Buffalo setting up on the PP..

Sabres crash the net hard but can't get a goal yet - Phillips closed his hand on the puck for just a second but got away with it. I seem to remember a similar play in the 93 Finals..

Nashville holds on to win 5-4. Sabres pull the goalie 6 on 4..

Sens score on the empty net.. (and celebrate like they won a playoff game)

Chris Phillips gets it. I don't think I've ever seen Alfredsson skate so hard as he did when the puck was rolling towards the empty net.

Sabres almost score but Emery makes a big stop and gets some help.

Sens win. Sens win.

Great third period for Ottawa. You really notice the difference with Emery over Gerber.

Click. Boston and Washington in OT. I'll stick around until the end of that one in the hopes we'll see a shootout.

Are there many better things than the Rogers Super Sports Pack where you get all the Hockey, Football, Basketball and Baseball games for about $25 a month?

Thomas made a glove save off AO but left the puck in the crease for a few seconds - they still need more stable goaltending if Boston wants to be a playoff team.

Bergeron trying to go coast to coast but loses the puck. Washington just misses on a great chance.

20 seconds. Kolzig makes a save and the Caps are stopped on one last rush. Here comes the shootout.

Montreal now up 3-1 on Tampa. Latendresse scored again.

Patrick Roy says the only reason he is on the top line and getting PP time is because he's French and has a long name (not because of the 4 goals in 4 games).

Let's see who is on the lists..

Dave Lewis has to do something about that moustach. Both teams haven't won a shootout this year.

Semin is up first. And Sturm is 1st for Boston.

Semin is stopped on a wrist shot from pretty far out.

Sturm is stopped on the stick side.

Here comes AO. Only 6 for 16 for his career.

He goes to the backhand and Thomas sticks out the pad.

Bergeron comes in on an angle and slides it between Kolzig's pads.

Pettinger shoots and Thomas gets a blocker on it - and the Bruins win back-to-back games for the first time all year.

Montreal looks like they will start the Florida trip on a winning note, up 3-1 late in the third.

Elsewhere, NYI is up 2-0 on Dallas, Colorado is up 1-0 over San Jose after one and Philly-Anaheim will start in about 10 minutes.

Ok that's it for me for now. I know you guys don't like to leave messages but if you liked/disliked the live blog or ever want to see another one, let me know - either leave a comment or e-mail me at

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Joi said...

I love live blogs ;) good job on this one.

I wish i could get someone from the Leafs side to write one, but i'll be sure to check yours out during one of the 82399042035 Sens-Leafs games this year.