Sunday, November 19, 2006

Saturday in Review

Three Stars:1. Eric Staal - 3 G, +1, 7 SOG, 21:45 TOI
2. Alexander Frolov - 2 G, 1 A, +1, 5 SOG, 21:28 TOI
3. Glen Murray - 1 G, 2 A, +1, 5 SOG, 19:47 TOI

Weekend Thoughts
* There were rumours online that the Sharks and Coyotes had completed the Jovanovski-Nabokov deal last night but those proved to be false. While I believe that Phoenix has interest in Nabokov, I don't see the Coyotes trading Jovo after signing him to a 5-year deal. They brought him in to be a cornerstone of the franchise and he obviously wanted to be there long-term, so this one doesn't make a lot of sense.
* Is Ottawa back? Not all the way but they're on the right path. It started by getting Emery back and then getting the PP going
* Is Philly back? No. They're not as bad as they were playing but they're still not a playoff team - not enough depth up front, weak D and inconsistent goaltending
* All of a sudden the Leafs are having trouble scoring. Over the course of the year I still think this will be an issue.
* I must admit I don't know a lot about Johnny Oduya (221st pick overall in 01 by Washington, now with the Devils, but I did notice him last night, playing 29:20 the Devils' win
* Great scrap between Janssen and Belak. If you didn't get to see it, I'm sure it will be up on
* Frolov continues to shine for LA - he's had three straight 2-goal games now
* Mike Dunham stopped 43 shots last night for the Islanders. He's played extremely well this year (3-1-2, .932 SVP, 2.45 GAA)
* Carolina scored 9 times on Friday/Saturday, and left with 4 points. On Friday is was the Cole-Brind'Amour-Whitney line that starred and last night it was Staal and Williams - that is what makes this team such a threat
* Dallas also scored 9 times in two nights but only picked up one win. Still it's good news for a team that has had trouble scoring
* Colorado gave up 1 goal in two games with Budaj in net and also picked up 4 points on the weekend
* Detroit lost twice, both in Calgary and Edmonton after winning 9 in a row
* Boston has now won 4 in a row and seem to be coming on strong

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