Monday, November 13, 2006

Gerard Gallant Fired

After taking over in 03-04 the team went 16-25-4. Last year the Jackets were 6th last overall with a 35-43-4 record and this year they're third last in the league at 5-9-1.

That's 56 wins in 142 games which will usually get you fired. But looking at their roster on paper I'm not sure they're much better than their record this year indicates.

I expect we'll hear the usual suspects mentioned for this one and it's very possible that Hitchcock will be in the mix.

Note: the story was broken by Eklund on It has not yet been posted on TSN or Sportsnet as of a few minutes before 6 PM


Tony said...

Sucking up to Dwayne Klessel is not wise.
He will rip you off like the rest of his followers.

dannyt99 said...

I have no idea if that is Eklund but I give credit where credit is due. If the story breaks on TSN, Sportsnet or wherever I will say so. I have no sources and don't want to mislead people to think otherwise.