Monday, November 13, 2006

QOTD: Top 5 Goalies I've Seen

With King Patrick going into the Hall of Fame tonight, the QOTD is a subjective one. I've been watching hockey for 20 years now and have seen truly tremendous goaltending performances over the years. Of all the positions in pro sports this may be the most difficult position to play and the most relied upon.

An elite goalie can win the game for you before it even starts - I've seen teams so imtimidated by having to face Roy or Brodeur that they get it into their heads that it will take a perfect play to score even once. It's a position that takes supreme confidence and the ability to forget mistakes quickly. Even the best goalies give up bad goals but the great ones can bounce back and shut you down after they do.

That said, here are my top 5:

1. Patrick Roy
2. Martin Brodeur
3. Dominik Hasek
4. Ed Belfour
5. Grant Fuhr

Without a doubt in my mind, Patrick Roy is the greatest goalie I have ever seen. The Canadiens made one of the biggest mistakes in recent memory by trading him days after the incident at the old Forum. I still contend that if they took the time to let things cool down and then tried to smooth things over then they could have found a way to keep Roy in Montreal. Instead they traded him with Keane for Kovalenko, Rucinsky and Thibault.

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