Friday, November 03, 2006

From Bad to Worse to Even Worse

What a horrible season for the Flyers and tonight took it to a whole new level.

Not only did the Flyers lose to Tampa 5-2, but as well Forsberg was thrown out of the game when it was still 3-2. To make matters worse, Carter and Robitaille both suffered ankle injuries. To make matters even worse, Forsberg (the Captain of the sinking ship) took off before speaking to the media which (according to Tim Panaccio) has not been done since Eric Lindros did it in the 97 finals.

It's clear that something needs to be done ASAP to alter the on-ice product. If the Flyers continue to suffer, I wonder at what point they will consider trading Forsberg, (who is a pending UFA) and which teams be lining up to make a move of that magnitude.

Forsberg's cap hit is $5.75 mil for the season so the longer the season goes on the more suitors there would be, as it will require less free cap room to get a deal done. If I'm Calgary I wouldn't be looking at Gagne.. I'd be calling daily regarding Peter the Great. And if I'm Ottawa, instead of trading Alfredsson (which I don't believe they are looking to do), maybe they should be looking at a star Swedish center for him to play with.

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